My Philosophy

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Midwifery is both an art and a science. The art of midwifery consists of sensitivity to the needs of the birthing family, and being able to meet these needs in the most appropriate way. It also involves knowing when and how to intervene to promote safety for both mom and baby, if it becomes necessary.

The process of human childbirth is a normal physiological process. It is an instinctive, primal experience that has it’s own rhythm and pace which should be respected and honored. My clients are encouraged to be active participants in decision-making and self-care through out pregnancy, birth and postpartum . When women are informed, supported and encouraged to trust their own instincts, they become active givers of birth rather than passive receivers of birth technology. Childbirth, when experienced in this way, has the potential to be a transformative event; When woman take responsibility for their births and give birth to their babies under their own power, emerge from the experience empowered, with a new sense of their own capabilities. This transformation benefits not only that mother and her children, but also the entire family unit, the community, the culture at large, and ultimately the world, as it encourages peaceful, loving, responsible relationships. Peace on Earth Begins at Birth!


Ten Moons Midwifery Care believes EVERY BODY  deserves loving , respectful, positive , high quality care.