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Water Birth

Water birth seeks to do two things: provide a warm, comforting environment for the laboring person and provide a calm immediate environment for the new baby. Water provides a calming influence and a peaceful relaxed atmosphere. Water-born babies are often quieter when they surface, making a calmer transition to extrauterine life.  The following are some of the known benefits of being submerged in water during labor:

∗ Enables the laboring woman to move freely
∗ Reduces blood pressure
∗ Provides significant pain relief
∗ Promotes relaxation
∗ Facilitates labor
∗ Conserves a laboring woman’s energy
∗ Gives the woman a private protected space
∗ Reduces perineal trauma
∗ Reduces desire for pain medications
∗ Is highly rated by mothers
∗ Is highly rated by experienced providers
∗ Encourages a gentler welcome for baby

At First Coast Midwifery, we offer water labor and water birth options in your home. At home there are several options for water labor and birth including tub rental,  tub purchase or using existing tubs if they are large enough.

We encourage you to research water birth and bring your questions to discuss with the midwife.